Hearts On Fire

BestValue Hero 1235X345

The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.


When you purchase a Hearts On Fire diamond, you are buying The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World ®. And this is more than just a marketing claim - Hearts On Fire is the ONLY diamond brand in the entire world that can make this exclusive statement of perfection.

But what does that mean? What makes Hearts On Fire diamonds so different? And why should you care that our diamonds are perfectly cut?

These four reasons tell you quickly:

RareUnique Hero 488X345

The Rare and Unique Quality of Our Diamonds

At Hearts On Fire we use a minuscule fraction (less than one tenth of one percent) of the world's most transparent and knot-free crystals, resulting in the maximum amount of light captured, scintillated, and reflected in a diamond. When you begin with the best Mother Nature has to offer, you are guaranteed the best results.

Simply put, Hearts On Fire sparkles more than any other diamond.

BestValue HighestStandards 239X239

The Highest Manufacturing Standards

With a precise selection of the rarest diamond crystals, our master craftsmen then cut and polish at 100x magnification, while the rest of the industry only operates at 10x magnification. To achieve this elite polish and finish, only the world's best diamond cutters are actually qualified to cut and craft a Hearts On Fire diamond.

CuttingFormula Hero 488X345

Our Proprietary Diamond-Cutting Formula is the Envy of Others

The Hearts On Fire cutting method is a secret as big as Coca Cola®'s recipe. With this knowledge, we are able to achieve maximum results in our perfect cut every single time ... resulting in perfect symmetry, perfect proportions, perfect polish, and perfect alignment that displays incomparable sparkle and brilliance that you can truly see.

PhenomenonOfLight Hero 488X345

A Spectacular Phenomenon of Light

While all other diamonds in the world display partial, imperfect, or sometimes even no patterns of light, Hearts On Fire captures light in such a perfect way that it reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst® patterns every single time, hence our unique Company name. The Difference Is Perfection. It’s A Difference You Can See. ®

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