Love Fire Ft. Greenland Ruby


Inspired by the fiery arctic treasures from Greenland Ruby, the “LoveFire” collections transform the oldest rubies on earth into beautiful jewelry designs for every occasion! Greenlandic rubies are believed to be the oldest gems in the world. This pristine arctic location in the Southwest of Greenland is named Aappaluttoq [Ah-puh-lu-tok], after the ruby-bearing rock so clearly seen by locals inhabiting the area over thousands of years. These icy gems have been hidden in a rock formation geologists believe to be nearly 3 billion years old; each gem is unique and tells the story of its journey through time and temperature.


Greenland Ruby is a leader in our industry, setting an example of transparency and traceability as part of our mine-to-market program. Each gem is tracked and traced from the mine-site, through processing, cutting, polishing, and sorting, and comes with a Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity which is approved by the Government of Greenland.

Shortly after mining and initial sorting, Greenland Ruby gives each parcel of rough material a number. Then, all the gems produced from that parcel are given their own individual number linked to it. The gem’s unique numbers remain with each ruby throughout their journey including heat treatment, cutting, sorting and jewelry manufacturing.